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Cava & Banko’s team of automotive industry specialists are dedicated to keeping up to date on global automotive market conditions, industry-related data, trends and insights  in order to help our clients take advantage of opportunities and solve  complex business challenges that exist in today’s industry.


Cava & Banko’s construction practice is built around providing our clients with sound business planning that starts with a well thought out and articulated plan.  We understand the complex issues that construction professionals face including: 1) regulatory; 2) skilled labor shortages; 3) bonding and financing requirements; 4) cost containment; and 5) supply chain management.

Health Care

At Cava & Banko we understand that health care professionals have a common goal of delivering the highest possible quality of care to an optimum number of people in an affordable fashion. We also understand that in today’s difficult operating environment this can be almost impossible without the right help and guidance.  At Cava & Banko, we are intently focused on the effects of the Affordable Care Act and the new constraints that have been placed on an already fragile business model. We are committed to helping our clients meet these challenges with fresh and innovative approaches.

Hospitality/ Restaurants

Cava & Banko’s hospitality and restaurant team are committed to helping their clients meet the challenges of today’s consumer needs.  Our goal is to help our clients create that memorable experience for their clients while managing challenges such as:  Increased competition, the integration of point-of-sale and accounting systems, controlling costs and the ever changing consumer demands.


Cava & Banko’s manufacturing specialists help their clients design, execute and manage dynamic financial accounting and reporting game plans that provide focus and clarity to areas including: 1) revenue growth; 2) margins; 3) inventory management; 4) quality control; 5) sales; and 6) operations.  We also have unique qualifications with respect to the challenges of managing the relationships between various IT systems and accounting platforms.

Oil & Gas Services

Cava & Banko maintains a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the oil & gas services industry.  The Marcellus and Utica shale plays are poised to provide reliable and affordable energy to the US and the world for the next 100 years, and we plan to be there every step of the way helping our clients as they deal with complex challenges, including: 1) the boom to bust business cycle; 2) regulatory and environmental issues; 3) accessing financing and capital markets; 4) state and local tax issues; and 5) mergers and acquisitions.

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